{"ops":[{"insert":"The main weapon of the tank, the cannon referred to by the manufacturer as the Škoda A 7. It allowed targeted shooting to a distance of 2,000 m, the maximum range for indirect shooting was 4,000 m. The penetration of the anti-tank missile was 43mm at a distance of 500m or 30mm at a distance of 1000m. At the beginning of the war, that was enough for most enemy technology. The shooting was led by the commander of the vehicle, who also held the position of gunner from the main weapon. Charging was in charge of the loader, which had a supply of 90 rounds. The theoretical maximum rate of fire was around 25 rounds / min, in practice it was possible to reach about 15 targeted rounds per minute.\n"}]} Ball carriage for heavy machine gun ZB vz.37. The weapon was controlled by a radio operator, in case of emergency it could be controlled from the position of the driver, who after fixing the weapon could aim by the whole vehicle and control the trigger using a Bowden cable with a button. The machine gun had a bag for capturing fired cartridges at the end. Ball carriage for heavy machine gun ZB vz. 37. The weapon could either be coupled to the main gun, so the commander controlled and conducted shooting from both weapons simultaneously, or it could be controlled separately by a loader. The machine gun had a bag for capturing fired cartridges at the end. Originally a Swedish four-stroke in-line six-cylinder petrol Scania-Vabis type 1664, manufactured under license by Pragovka as the Praga TNHP type. It reached a maximum output of 92 kW and gave the tank a maximum speed of 42 km/h on a paved road. In the field, the speed was around 20 km/h. The transported fuel supply was 220 l in two 110 l tanks located at the bottom on the sides of the engine compartment. The range with a full tank was about 210 km on a paved road. In the field it was about 100 km. Detachable headlight for easy driving at night. It was not deployed during combat operations. Front Entrance – for driver and radio operator. KizphoTJ5vs rLxYO22B42Q _gmHQf9DYZk


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